Mr Bingles !

Mr Bingles was made out of aluminium foil covered with Fimo modelling clay. I baked him for about 20 minutes in the oven and there he was, ready to entertain us with his many adventures…

I initially was going to give him as a Christmas present to a 2 year old boy named Thomas, but I decided he would probably be better off as the star of a few films for 2 to 5 year-old kids.

Mr Bingles is about 30cm long and very hard to control with the fishing lines that lift his arms and legs ! Lucky his puppeteer (and narrator) Grant Redvers has had a few hours of practice. It takes us about 1-2 hours to film an episode and less than a day to edit the footage. What takes the most time is actually finding all the sound effects to go with the action… bonk ! ding ! brrrrrr ! pffff !

Since 2009, Mr Bingles has been the star of many adventures filmed in New Zealand, Canada, the Arctic and even the Antarctic ! He has also toured a few film festivals (I sent « Mr Bingles flies his kite » to the Chicago International Children Film Festival in 2010 and the film got asked to be shown in New York 2011, Singapore 2011, Hamburg 2011 and Mexico 2011 !). Mr Bingles travels more than me these days…

I hope you enjoy the show.

Pascale Otis

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