Bergy Bits Productions

We see the world differently. We think outside the box.

We film everything and everywhere. We’ve travelled all over the world to film the strangest to the most awesome things… and we’ve loved every minute of it.

We cover…
• All aspects of film production :
– Overall management of film projects all over the world
– Filming, video editing and sound recording
– Voice-over & subtitling in English and French
– On-site interviews
– Animations
– Format conversions & Internet uploads
– Behind the scenes productions (« making of »)

• All types of film productions :
– Short videos ideal for websites
– Same day productions (filming and editing completed in one day, guaranteed !)
– Big screen productions (52 minute films)
– Project and product promotion
– Educational videos
– Nature documentaries

• Media coverage :
– Press releases
– Website updates (daily blogs, photos & videos)
– B-Roll footage and interviews for news coverage
– Photos for newspaper articles, magazines, books, websites, etc.
– Live media conferences via satellite phone

Planning a project in a remote place ?
We love expeditions, especially when we get dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no showers and limited food (seriously !). We have the right gear for your production. If we don’t, we’ll figure out how to get it. Or if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it. We’ve become « experts » at making weird-looking devices to hold our cameras in place (but we still haven’t mastered the art of explaining what all these things are to customs officers when we travel).

Want it the same day ? We can do that !
That’s actually our specialty ! We can usually film and do a rough edit of the footage in a few hours (so you can brag about what you did that day and have video to prove it). Check out the « Expeditions » sections of this website to see what we can do in a day on a moving ship in the middle of nowhere…

What is it going to cost ?
Every project is different, but here is an example of rates that we normally charge :

* Daily rate for on-site filming and editing: 1 200 $
(including all basic gear: cameras, tripods, microphones, etc.)

* Daily rate for editing only: 600 $

YES… it is affordable ! Watch this video to get a better idea of what you’re getting for your money (this one was done in a day and cost 600$):

You aren’t convinced we are the right company for your project ?
Contact us by email and we can discuss what your needs really are. We know many people in the business, so if we think someone else would be better than us for your project, we’ll be happy to refer you to them!

Pascale Otis, Founder of Bergy Bits Productions


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